New Acer ultrabook touted as ''world's thinnest''

As the Consumer Electronics Show looms, Acer has unveiled a new entrant to the nascent ultrabook category. Say hello to the Aspire S5, a 13" machine Acer claims to be the "world's thinnest ultrabook." See for yourself:

The Aspire S5 measures only 0.59" at its thickest point. That's pretty thin. From what I've gathered, Intel's ultrabook spec allows for a maximum thickness of 0.8". Asus' sleek and slim Zenbook UX31 measures 0.11" at the front and 0.71" at the back, and the 13" MacBook Air is a slightly skinnier 0.11-0.68". Acer's new baby doesn't have a razor-thin, tapered front edge like its rivals, but it is indeed thinner at its thickest point. That ought to count for something, at least.

I'd love to tell you more about the Aspire S5, but Acer is being surprisingly coy. The press release says the system weighs about three pounds and "features an Intel® Core™ processor, SSD storage . . ., professionally-tuned Dolby® Home Theater® v4, long battery life via the PowerSmart battery pack (with a 3X longer life cycle than traditional batteries), and . . . a chiclet keyboard." Save, perhaps, for the Dolby certifications, those specs could just as well describe any other ultrabook on the market today.

Acer does, however, say when the Aspire S5 is going to ship: the second quarter of this year. Based on that schedule, I'd venture a guess that this ultrabook will pack one of Intel's 22-nm Ivy Bridge processors. Perhaps that's why it's so thin... and why Acer is keeping so quiet right now..

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