Rambus had a spy inside JEDEC?

— 12:14 AM on April 6, 2001

EBNnews is reporting that Infineon has alleged Rambus had a spy inside of the JEDEC standards committee. The mole may have provided information that helped Rambus formulate an amendment to its patent application covering SDRAM-related technologies:

Rambus had resigned a year earlier from the JEDEC committee drafting the SDRAM standard. However, Infineon attorneys presented internal e-mails from Rambus files from a hidden source identified only as "Secret Squirrel," allegedly leaking details of the JEDEC discussions on SDRAM after Rambus had left.
Infineon lawyers told Federal Judge Robert Payne that the e-mails from "Secret Squirrel" and "Deep Throat" provided details of the DLL technology that JEDEC was considering and ultimately included in the SDRAM standard. They charged that Rambus then subsequently included the DLL technology as part of its amended SDRAM patent application on SDRAMs filed in 1997.
More and more, it's looking like Infineon has built a formidable case against Rambus based on damning evidence and an aggressive legal strategy. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Thanks to Adi for the link.

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