Tuesday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. The Verge liveblogs Intel's Ultrabook press conference
  2. Ars Technica on Intel's vision for Ultrabooks: Combo of touchscreens, Kinect & Siri
  3. Fudzilla reports Microsoft demos Windows 8 on Tegra
  4. Ars Technica's 2012 CES Microsoft keynote liveblog
  5. Phone Arena's Nvidia CES 2012 press conference liveblog
  6. Sophos: hp patches firmware flaw, but leaves customers guessing
  7. TechCrunch: hp announces glass-backed Envy 14 Spectre (1600x900 display)
  8. Phandroid: New higher-end Asus Transformer Prime (TF700T) with full
    1080p HD display revealed and Nvidia's big surprise: Ice Cream Sandwich
    for Transformer Prime is now available


  1. Forget SOPA: Copyright owners must build a better BitTorrent - Ars Technica
  2. SlashGear: Fusion Garage goes into liquidation owing millions
  3. Fortune: Apple sets a new intraday high
  4. Fudzilla: Samsung announces second-gen Series 9 ultraportables
    and Samsung announces new Series 5 ultrabooks
  5. VR-Zone on the Asus dual-socket 2011 workstation motherboard - Z9PE-D8 WS
  6. Hardware Canucks@CES 2012: MSI’s Z77 motherboards & graphics upgrade system
  7. New IDC research expects record worldwide solid state storage shipments in 2012
  8. VR-Zone reports the SD Association announces
    Wi-Fi standard for SD cards, is really two standards
  9. The Verge: MultiTouch 55" Surface-like display now avaiable, upgradeable
    to Windows 8 and LG 55" OLED TV first video and pictures
  10. Dealzon's deals: $425 off 18.4” Toshiba Qosmio X505 i5-2410M / GeForce 460M
    1.5GB, $50 coupon for hp Elite h9t PC i7-2600 / Radeon HD 7670 / 160GB SSD,
    $50 coupon for hp Elite h9z PC AMD FX-8100 / Radeon HD 7670 / 160GB SSD,
    and $24.99 off Logitech wireless touchpad

  1. TechCrunch: iOS market share up from 26% in Q3 to 43% in Oct. / Nov. 2011
  2. Phone Arena: Nvidia announces DirectTouch for Tegra 3
    devices, promises smoother touchscreen experiences
  3. Fudzilla reports Asus shows off 7" Tegra 3 tablet
  4. Phone Arena: The $100 Novo7 Android ICS tablet coming
    to U.S. in a few months
    , but you get what you pay for
  5. BGR: Verizon announces the Motorola Droid 4,
    Razr Maxx, and Jetpack 4G LTE mobile hotspots
  6. Ars Technica reports Motorola Droid Razr Maxx offers 21 hours
  7. Phone Arena has Nokia Lumia 900 specs
  8. Fudzilla: Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3" now available in the United States
  9. Ars Technica: Ion expands iOS gaming with iCade Jr.
    and iCade Mobile
    for iPhone, iPod touch
  10. Fudzilla reports Nvidia shows off Splashtop on Tegra 3
Software and gaming

  1. Ubuntu Vibes: System and sound settings to be redesigned for Ubuntu 12.04
  2. SlashGear: Tizen UI leaks ahead of Samsung I9500 debut
  3. Phoronix: OpenGL 3.0 finally comes to open-source
  4. Fallout MMO rights restored to Bethesda Softworks in Interplay litigation
  5. Ars Technica: Sony, AT&T price PlayStation Vita data plans
Systems and storage

  1. TechReviewSource on hp Folio 13
  2. Phoronix on Trim-Slice: Dual-core ARM Tegra 2 desktop
  3. ocaholic's Core i7-3960X and Core i7-2600K SLI, triple SLI performance analysis
  4. Björn3D reviews AMD A8-3870K Black Edition
  5. Neoseeker's 120GB and 240GB Patriot Pyro SE review
  6. Real World Labs and ThinkComputers review Synology DS-212+ NAS
Multimedia, power, case & cooling

  1. Hardware Heaven pits XFX Radeon 7970 Black Edition
    Overclocked vs. GTX 580 OC vs. Radeon HD 6970 OC
  2. Hardware Heaven's Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 Tri-CrossFire review
  3. OCC and Ultimate Hardware review Sapphire Radeon HD 7970
  4. [H]ard|OCP's Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 OC exclusive first look
  5. TechReviews on BenQ RL2240H monitor
  6. dpreview's preview: Canon PowerShot G1X large sensor zoom compact
  7. TweakTown's Enermax Briskie wireless keyboard and mouse combo review
  8. techPowerUp! reviews 1500W Enermax Platimax PSU
  9. Metku reviews Antec Solo II case
  10. Hardware Secrets reviews Enermax ETD-T60-VD CPU cooler
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