1. The Register officially announces Mike Magee's departure (thanks Steven C. Den Beste)
  2. VR-Zone gives away 10 special edition AMD posters plus Logitech iFeel Mouse and Wingman Rumblepad
  3. PC911 reviews Executive Software Diskeeper 6.0
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 Service Pack 2

  1. Second Hand Smoke: multi-CPUs ~ cheap enough
  2. The Tech Zone reviews AXIA stepping Athlon
  3. AnandTech's Socket A comparison
  4. VIAhardware reviews MSI Pro 266 Master
  5. TweakTown reviews Abit KT7A-RAID
  6. X-bit labs' AWARD Flash BIOS update guide

  1. Sharky Extreme reviews Matrox Marvel G450 eTV (by Dave Barron)
  2. [H]ard|OCP's GeForce3 vs. GeForce2: DX8 and OpenGL
  3. FiringSquad's GeForce3 FSAA screenshots
  4. t-break's Hercules 3D Prophet III first impressions
  5. Hexus reviews Wicked3D eyeSCREAM light
  6. Neoseeker reviews 19" flatpanel monitors: Philips, Samsung, and Videologic

  1. I am not a geek's 40GB 5400 RPM HDD showdown: Seagate, Samsung, and IBM
  2. TweakMax reviews Plextor PlexWriter 16/10/40 (TR's review is here)
  3. Tweakers Asylum reviews Creatie Labs CDRW Blaster 12/10/32
  4. The-Ctrl-Alt-Del reviews Creative Labs 20GB Nomad Jukebox
  5. MadnessPC's IDE cable rounding guide
  6. Mikhailtech's PSU mod
  7. AMDZone reviews 2CoolPC Turbo
  8. AKIBA has Canopus Firebird R7 cooler
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