Trinity due mid-year in 17W, 35W variants

AMD had a surprise waiting for us at its CES booth: a new demo of the upcoming Trinity APU, some details about the chip's performance and launch schedule, and a glimpse at a couple of real Trinity chips.

According to AMD's Raymond Dumbeck, Trinity will roll out in 35W and 17W variants—shown in that order in the image above. Compared to AMD's existing A-Series APUs, the 35W model's graphics component will purportedly deliver 50% more gigaFLOPS, while the CPU will offer a 25% increase in compute power. We were told the 17W variant boasts similar performance at half the power, making it ideal for ultra-thin notebooks. AMD expects both versions of Trinity to be out around the middle of the year.

We were also treated to a fresh demo of Trinity in action. The demo rig was running a DirectX 11 racing game on one monitor and a GPU-accelerated video transcoder on another. When Dumbeck popped open the case for the big reveal, we saw that the hardware inside was a Trinity-powered notebook. The machine had a video playing on its display, too, highlighting Trinity's built-in multi-monitor support.

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