Razer's 'Project Fiona' brings PC gaming to a tablet format

CES — The folks at Razer were grabbing attention again at this year's CES with an intriguing mock-up, displayed under plexiglass, of a tablet gaming PC dubbed "Project Fiona."

Razer likens this concept to the funky gaming netbook it demoed at last year's CES, which eventually spawed the Blade high-end gaming laptop. There was quite a bit of difference between the concept and the final product in that case, and Razer says the final, production form of any product based on Project Fiona will be shaped by the feedback it receives about this mock-up.

Fiona has a number of interesting features, including beefy dual grips on either side of the tablet with equipped analog joysticks and multiple buttons. The tablet can accept touch input via its screen, and it has a gyroscope and accelerometer to enable motion control, as well. The system can communicate with the user via a force-feedback mechanism, in addition to its relatively high-density 1080p display.

Inside of the case is an Intel Core i7 processor based on Ivy Bridge, so Fiona is a full-fledged Windows PC, capable of running PC games. Whether the final product has Win7 or Win8 onboard will, Razer says, depend on the timing of its release. Razer is aiming for a list price of under $1000 and hopes to release a Fiona-inspired product some time later this year.

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