news controversial sopa bill shelved

Controversial SOPA bill shelved

We haven’t devoted too much coverage to the whole SOPA debacle in recent weeks—politics aren’t necessarily our area of expertise—but this latest development deserves a post. The Hill reports that the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act has effectively been shelved. Here’s what House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa said this weekend, according to the site:

"While I remain concerned about Senate action on the Protect IP Act, I am confident that flawed legislation will not be taken up by this House," Issa said in a statement. "Majority Leader Cantor has assured me that we will continue to work to address outstanding concerns and work to build consensus prior to any anti-piracy legislation coming before the House for a vote."

In its original form, SOPA sought to make Internet service providers block access to foreign websites accused of linking pirated content. That particular provision was dropped last week, although as I understand it, the legislation would still have penalized search engines for linking to infringing websites.

A number of high profile tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and Yahoo!, and organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation campaigned vehemently against SOPA, arguing (PDF) that the bill would be tantamount to censorship and would hurt both job growth and the Internet. Responding to an online petition asking it to veto the legislation, the White House noted that it would "not support legislation that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk, or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet."

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  1. It was a stunt, nothing more. The vote on PIPA is still set for January 24. Lamar (you’ll have the internet I want you to have) Smith says there will be markup in February.

    This whole “shelved” thing was just an effort to deflate the January 18 protests.

  2. Look how many California reps are on the list.

    This doesn’t even have to be a case of outright money, they’re trying to protect local industries. They’re doing it stupidly, but this is part of what politicians are supposed to do.

  3. Don’t forget the PIPA supporters:

  4. I am sure funding the campaign is just a part of it. There are always “perks” that slip under the radar for these people. /cynical

  5. He wouldn’t have gotten in trouble anyway. At worst some flunky would have gotten fired; there’s different rules for them and us.

  6. Those clowns are probably a bunch of old fuddy duddies who never really understood what the Internet is all about.

  7. Most accurately, you fund their reelection campaign. They aren’t even evil- they just care about keeping their job. And we’ve given them a really messed up system to do such.

  8. It’ll work out the same when [url=<]RIAA IP addresses were discovered[/url<] to have pirated material on bittorent. Which is to say, nothing will happen, because these people set themselves above the law.

  9. Now it’s funny: A previous version of Lamar Smith’s own website used a photo without proper permissions, in violation of the standards SOPA would have enforced:


  10. You’re assuming that the flying spaghetti monster is a more important discussion topic than SOPA, which would eventually cause your discussion of pointless things to become extinct, because free speech/religion doesn’t exist in a Chinese style controlled Internet.

  11. We’ll know in a few days whether this actually is a victory or just a deceptive pretense. PIPA is scheduled for a vote next week to undo Senator Wyden’s block. If that vote is not cancelled, we will know that shelving SOPA was just a trick.

  12. Yeah, but I don’t see how that would lead to those goals or priorities filling a deity-esque role in their life. There’s a very different psychological and even social approach to deities than there is to the others. If you’re assigning the role filled as “important part of one’s life” than I guess they’d be similar enough- but it goes further than that, I think. At least that’s the impression I’ve gotten from religious people- their deities fill a unique slot in their life.

  13. PIPA / It already exists.
    [url<][/url<] also list: [url<][/url<] Direct link: [url<][/url<] [url<][/url<]

  14. Its great that some of the new anti-piracy laws are being caught up in congress, but they already passed a blacklisting law a while ago (which took down hundreds of websites in error.). In addition, the DMCA is used every day to violate fair use rights on youtube, megaupload and other services. This is just a bump in the road of a downhill battle for the greedy corporations.

  15. Well there’s certainly more to explore here. While I don’t necessarily think these priorities become the deity (you don’t pray to your lifelong goals, and you don’t go confess to your TV) they certainly do become the focal point of our lives. Even people who believe in a deity tend to place that deity further down the ladder below family, friends, hopes, dreams, etc. For a deity to really be important to someone, it has to be at the top of the list. Otherwise it was never that important to begin with, was it?

  16. It can be hard to get the full meaning on the internet (see: Poe’s Law), so to me it read like you were assuming everyone had a “deity-like” entity in their lives, even if they weren’t religious. Sorry for the misreading- what I said still applies to anyone that does feel that way though! 😛

  17. Totally understood, I just had a lot of excess energy this morning and jumped at the chance at a thought experiment!

  18. Unfortunately that’s not an exhaustive list of people who support the bill; it would not have lived this long had only 40 politicians supported it.

    edit: I had teh wrong number, though my sentiment remains unchanged.

  19. Whether you’re being sarcastic or not, SOPA certainly opens up that road. It starts with manipulating DNS records and it ends with the great firewall of America.

  20. Wow, both you guys went far beyond where I was aiming – what I mean is everyone prioritizes. If a deity isn’t the first thing in your life, then something else will be. That’s all I’m talking about. Whether it (traditionally) fits the role of a deity is irrelevant; it’s just a matter of where you put priority in your life.

  21. Just because you live for something doesn’t mean that a deity (generic or not) can be shoehorned into the role of what you live for. It’s a rather silly (and if done seriously, insulting) attempt to conflate one view with another. There’s nothing wrong with believing in a deity, and nothing wrong with not believing in a deity, and nothing wrong with anything that doesn’t fall ideally under those two ends of the spectrum. There [i<]is[/i<] something wrong with feeling the need to massage someone else's beliefs to be compatible with yours.

  22. PIPA still exists though. The fight is not over. Idiots like Lamar Smith need to be removed from office ASAP.

  23. I don’t believe so, as the definition of a deity looks to necessitate something “above the natural” or “other than natural”. An atheist by definition is one that rejects the belief in the existence of deities!

    “Everyone lives for something” does not need to have anything to do with the supernatural! As an atheist I’ve framed the idea of “life meaning” to be something that is uniquely personal and decided entirely by the individual (I think this happens to be an existentialist approach), and in line with the above I have completely rejected the idea that a *universal* meaning exists.

    This post has given me my fill of serious business for today, have a great Monday everybody 🙂

  24. They’ll pass bills that harm some corporations if it helps others that donate more. Which is why SOPA had a very real chance of happening.

  25. Like, for instance, derFunk’s self-diefication, only combined with multiple-personality disorder?

  26. I think congress achieved what they wanted all along. You can bet your ass Internet giants are going to be making considerably larger donations to election campaigns.
    And the news isn’t surprising to me. Bills like the NDAA pass since not a crap is given about your rights, but you think congress will pass a bill that might harm corporations? Hahahahaha.

  27. Everyone lives for something. Even if it’s just living to have a good time, doesn’t that insert the self as the deity? :p

  28. I can bet they’ll tack it inside another set of papers next time so it can slip through and pass.

  29. google already sensors the internet. they also decide what you want to read when you do a search. ( look for yourselves if you don’t believe it. I/m not your mother )

    Next thing we need to do is get rid if DRM and having to have an internet connection to take a crap.

  30. Shelved…until it comes back again. This isn’t over until every dingdong in congress is thrown out and people who actually grew up with the internets are behind the wheel.

    Check these lists, find the clowns in your state, and do not vote for any of them:

    [url<][/url<] [url<][/url<]