Thermaltake Level 10 descends to budget territory

Truly distinctive case designs are surprisingly rare in the PC world, but Thermaltake has one of its own with the Level 10 series. We've already reviewed the original and tested its more reasonably priced GT variant. Before long, we may have another Level 10 in the labs. At CES last week, we caught a glimpse of the latest addition to the family, the Level 10 GTS.

With a target street price of $109-119, the GTS is quite a bit cheaper than the GT, which runs $240 online. The GTS has fewer perks, of course, but it's reasonably well equipped given the price. In addition to USB 3.0 connectivity up front, a headphone hanger on the side, and cable management options galore, the GTS features four removable drive bays. The case also comes with dual fans: one massive 200-mm spinner up front plus a 120-mm exhaust at the rear. Additional 200-mm fans can be mounted in the top and side panels, and there's room for a 120-mm fan at the bottom of the case. The top fan mount can also accommodate a 240-mm radiator for liquid cooling.

Thermaltake has retained much of the Level 10's unique styling with the GTS, and the design is really a love-it/hate-it affair. The official press materials only mention a black version of the case, but given the company's history, I'd expect a gleaming white edition to make its way to market before long. As it stands, the black version is due to hit store shelves in March.

While this particular version of the Level 10 won't be available for sale, Thermaltake was eager to show off a modded version of the GT with a matching keyboard and mouse. The three were done up in a Mayan theme, complete with a doomsday calendar on one of the case panels and tiny bits of moss protruding from cracks in the faux stonework. During a show filled with high-tech gadgets, this was a refreshingly ancient throwback—and a truly impressive piece of craftsmanship.

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