Intel shows Ivy Bridge running... a video of a DX11 game

The good news? Ivy Bridge will have Intel's fastest integrated graphics processor yet, with support for DirectX 11. The bad news? Intel isn't very good at faking live demos. Check out this clip from Mooly Eden's CES keynote, in which the head of Intel's PC Client Group pretends to play a DX11 racing game that's obviously a pre-recorded video:

Yes, those are VLC's full-screen playback controls, which always pop up for a few seconds when you move the mouse. I can't tell if Eden is trying to save face by raising his hands and claiming, "they are driving it from backstage," but that claim seems dubious. If the video were a live, continuous stream, the playback position cursor wouldn't be moving—and it's clearly a ways in when the controls show up.

I don't know why Intel chose to fake a live demo instead of showing the real thing. Maybe DX11 driver support for its new IGP isn't completely up to snuff. Ivy's DX11 support does seem to be working, though. The folks at Bright Side Of News got hands-on time with the game on the same laptop Eden was using, and from what I can tell, it ran perfectly well. (Thanks to TR forum gerbil ronch for the heads up on this one.)

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