First-gen Transformer to get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich

Asus released its Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Transformer Prime ahead of schedule last week, bringing the new tablet up to speed with Google's latest flavor of Android. What of the original Transformer? Responding to an impatient customer on Facebook last night, Asus revealed that ICS is headed to the first-gen device "soon."

There's no word on exactly how long the approval process will take, but the ICS update could be ready well in advance of the February/March timeframe we were given at CES. Asus went public with the release date for ICS on the Transformer Prime on January 3, about a week before the software came out as an over-the-air update. That update actually arrived three days ahead of its January 12 due date, suggesting that Asus is being conservative with its estimates.

In any case, Asus deserves credit for not leaving users of its first Android tablet in the dust. At least on the phone side of things, Android updates often seem to fail to roll out promptly, if at all. A major software update is sometimes all it takes to make an outdated device feel new again. (Thanks to Slashgear for the link.)

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