Skyrim patch, mod tools are on the way

Still playing Skyrim? Okay, good, because Bethesda is putting the finishing touches on not just a new patch for the game, but also the hotly anticipated mod tools.

Bethesda says the 1.4 update is "currently undergoing testing," and it hopes to "finalize [the patch] next week, and submit it to the console manufacturers for certification, as well as release on PC." The patch is supposed to optimize performance and fix a long list of bugs (see the full list here.) It sounds like Steam users might get early dibs on a beta version of the patch, too. Check this out:

Our current update plan for the PC is to first release our updates as “beta” versions through Steam. This is something you’ll be able to opt into through Steam and back-out of if needed. This is an extra safety check for everyone going forward and should expedite and improve our updating process for our PC users. We’ll have more info soon on how this will work.

Meanwhile, the Skyrim Creation Kit is "nearly ready" and "on track for a public release near the end of the month." According to this earlier post on the Bethesda blog, the Creation Kit will give modders the same tools Bethesda used to make content for the game. Through Valve's Steam Workshop, modders will also be able to distribute their mods, and players will have a one-stop shop to "browse, rate, and flag mods for download."

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