New Catalyst driver targets Radeon HD 7900-series cards

For those lucky enough to have gotten their hands on a shiny new Radeon HD 7970, there's a fresh driver update available. This isn't a full-blown Catalyst release or even a "preview driver," mind you. AMD calls it the "8.921.2 RC11 AMD Radeon™ HD 7900 driver," leaving no question as to its target hardware.

According to AMD, the 8.921.2 RC11 driver lets Radeon HD 7900 users enable super-sampled and adaptive antialiasing through the Catalyst Control Center for compatible DX10 and DX11 games. This release also serves up a handful of purported performance gains in games both old and new:

  • 8% (up to) performance improvement in Aliens vs. Predator
  • 15% (up to) performance improvement in Battleforge with Anti-Aliasing enabled
  • 3% (up to) performance improvement in Battlefield 3
  • 3% (up to) performance improvement in Crysis 2
  • 6% (up to) performance improvement in Crysis Warhead
  • 10% (up to) performance improvement in F1 2010
  • 5% (up to) performance improvement in Unigine with Anti-Aliasing enabled
  • 250% (up to) performance improvement in TessMark (OpenGL) when set to “insane” levels

Note the "up to" in parentheses—those quoted numbers are for best-case scenarios, so don't expect frame rates to shoot up (or frame times to tumble down) too dramatically. In any case, you can download the 8.921.2 RC11 driver right here on AMD's knowledge base website.

Update: AMD just sent out an email indicating that it initially posted an old RC7 driver by mistake. If you grabbed the driver early, you might want to hit the download page again to make sure you got the new RC11 release.

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