Syndicate demo due January 31... for consoles only

We've been following the development of Starbreeze Studios and EA's Syndicate reboot for some time now, so I was understandably happy to learn that a four-player co-op demo is on the way. That's until I learned that the demo will be exclusive to Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network—despite the fact that the game is set for a simultaneous PC and console release next month.

As Joystiq reports, the demo will be out on January 31, and it will feature one of the full game's co-op missions:

The Syndicate co-op demo will feature one of the nine missions in the game, all of which can be played with up to four players and many of which have been reimagined from the original hit game. In this mission called Western Europe, gamers must team up and infiltrate Cayman Global, assassinate Colonel Enrico Gabron, steal his technology blueprints and force his people back across the Atlantic. The odds of success look promising with Cayman Global badly weakened after their war against Eurocorp, but it won't come easy.

A number of understandably peeved PC gamers have sounded off on the official Syndicate Facebook page, but their pleas for a PC demo have thus far gone unanswered. Why do you hate us PC gamers so, EA? First you subject us to yet another Origin exclusive, and now this? All we have to sink our teeth into is yet another dubstep-laden trailer:

Syndicate is due out on February 21 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Amazingly, there has been no announcement of a last-minute PC delay... yet.

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