Study: U.S. tablet ownership doubled since December

To say there were a lot of tablets under Christmas trees last year would be an understatement. The Associated Press quotes a study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, which says tablet ownership boomed from 10% in mid-December to 19% earlier this month—an almost two-fold increase in just a few weeks.

Here's are some additional tablet-related stats from the report, in the AP's words:

Men and women were equally likely to own tablets, and the likelihood of tablet ownership was higher for people with higher household incomes, the report found. Those with higher levels of education were also more likely to own tablets than those who completed fewer years of school.

Oh, and the Pew report says U.S. ownership of e-book readers also rose from 10% to 19% over the same time period. In total, the percentage of Americans who own "at least one tablet or e-reader" now amounts to 29%, nearly a third of the population. (Interestingly, e-book readers are said to be "slightly more common among women.")

It's too bad the AP story doesn't break down the various tablet offerings by market share throughout the holiday season. I've got a feeling Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire contributed greatly to the surge, though.

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