The Darkness 2 demo released on Steam

Things are a little slow out there today, but perhaps this will help you pass the time. A demo for The Darkness 2 has been released on Steam. The original game received plenty of critical acclaim when it came out in 2007, so the demo is probably worth picking up. It's free, after all.

Since the first game in The Darkness franchise was a console-only affair, I wouldn't expect the sequel to offer PC gamers anything special. However, the trailers floating around the web remind me a little bit of Painkiller, a PC classic from way back in 2004. There's also a co-op mode, which is introduced in this trailer.

That co-op trailer is surprisingly amusing, giving me hope that The Darkness 2's narrative has more to offer than the average first-person shooter. Even without a deep, immersive storyline, a little humor can go a long way toward making a game enjoyable.

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