Woot offers TouchPad refurbs for $220 a piece

The HP TouchPad must be having the most prolonged demise of any device ever, with each death throe sending additional units squirting into the market. There was the $99 fire sale after HP announced plans to kill all webOS devices, the final production run, the sale of a last batch of devices to HP employees, the eBay sale in December... and now this.

Woot is currently offering refurbished HP TouchPads with 32GB of built-in storage for $219.99 a pop. That price may seem like a far cry from last summer's $99, but remember: only the 16GB version sold for that price during the fire sale. The 32GB model actually cost $149. Also, good luck finding a decent 10" tablet for anywhere near that price today.

Whether you consider the TouchPad to be decent is another matter, of course, but at least the device's operating system lives on. HP announced last month that webOS would become an open-source project, and earlier this week, news broke out that the first open-source webOS release will be out in September.

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