Saturday Shortbread

The Fantastic Four

  1. Fudzilla reports desktop Ivy Bridge 22nm to launch in April
    and Nvidia shipping Kepler to notebook manufacturers
    and Kepler to end up in ultrabooks
  2. VR-Zone on next generation Intel Haswell video engine - covering all the
    standards in 2013 and Lenovo's ThinkPad X130e finally up for order
  3. TweakTown's Catalyst 12.1 Windows 7 driver analysis
  4. Newegg's Weekend Express


  1. Reuters: DoCoMo to ask for changes in Android (thanks Neutronbeam)
  2. VR-Zone reports scientists working on nano loudspeaker for MRIs and quantum computing
  3. TechReviewSource has 12 things you should know about Facebook Timeline
  4. PC Perspective's podcast #186
  5. BCCHardware's podcast #143
  6. Newegg's deals on recertified items

  1. VR-Zone reports Motorola starts shipping Wi-Fi-only Xoom 2 "Xyboard" tablets
  2. Guru's Asus Transformer Prime (with ICS) review
  3. Amazon now doing Samsung's Galaxy Nexus for only $99 - VR-Zone
  4. VR-Zone: Norton announces Tablet Security and new updates for Norton Mobile Security
  5. Funky Kit shows how to install an .IPA app file on your iPhone
  6. BCCHardware's Android app pick: Google Docs
Software and gaming

  1. Phoronix: Compilers mature for Intel Sandy / Ivy Bridge, prep for Haswell
  2. VR-Zone reports Nintendo reveals Wii U details and
    Guinness announces the world's largest video game controller
  3. Futurelooks reviews Battlefield 3 (PC)
Systems, storage, and video

  1. ocaholic does AMD Llano extreme overclocking on Gigabyte's A75-UD4H
  2. Funky Kit reviews 240GB Patriot Pyro SE SSD
  3. OCC reviews XFX HD 7970 Black Edition Double Dissipation 3GB
  4. TechSpot's Galaxy MDT GeForce GT 520 review
  5. TWL reviews NuForce uDAC-2 digital-to-analog converter

  1. TechReaction reviews Cerwin-Vega XD3 desktop speakers
  2. ProClockers review Tt eSports Shock Spin gaming headset
  3. KitGuru reviews Corsair Vengeance K60 FPS gaming keyboard
  4. LanOC Reviews Cooler Master QuickFire keyboard
  5. Hardware Heaven reviews Cyborg M.M.O. 7 gaming mouse
  6. CowcotLand reviews Corsair Vengeance m90 mouse (in French)
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. TweakTown reviews 750W NZXT HALE82 PSU
  2. techPowerUp! reviews 650W Antec EarthWatts Platinum PSU
  3. TechReaction reviews Antec Three Hundred Two case
  4. ThinkComputers unboxes Thermaltake Overseer RX-I case
  5. OCIA reviews Swiftech Apogee HD water block
  6. Hardware Secrets reviews Prolimatech Lynx CPU cooler
  7. Tweaknews on Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler
  8. FrostyTech reviews Glacialtech Igloo H58 heatsink
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