Developers to get their hands on Win8 for ARM soon

Rumor has it that Windows 8 for ARM will become available to developers as soon as next month. At least, that's what the folks at CNet News say they've heard from a couple of different unnamed sources.

Reportedly, one source spent "some hands-on time with a high-profile device from a major PC maker" and noted that Windows 8 on ARM was "impressive and stable." Another source echoed that sentiment, adding that things were less rosy last October—the operating system purportedly "scared the industry because it was unstable" at the time. So, Microsoft may have come a long way since then.

Other notable tidbits from the CNet News story: Windows 8 might see a simultaneous release on ARM and x86 architectures (although nothing is certain yet), and some ARM-based Windows 8 tablets will be considerably cheaper than their x86 cousins.

That's all good to know. Windows 8 on ARM got a whole lot less appealing last year when Microsoft said it wouldn't be able to run "legacy" x86 apps. If ARM-powered Win8 tablets can deliver a fast, stable, and affordable Metro experience, though, I could see their appeal next to the cornucopia of Android slates on the market.

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