1. [H]ard|OCP has a bit more on NVIDIA's controversial document (thanks rand)
  2. TweakTown has NetSuperSonic v2.00
  3. Tweakers Asylum updates NVIDIA Detonator driver database for Win9x/Me
  4. Futurelooks reviews Serious Sam
  5. TacoNuts reviews Oni
  6. Hypothermia gives away four sets of Cambridge Soundworks FPS1500 speakers and a Maxi Sound MUSE

  1. Paul has updated his unofficial KT7/KT7A FAQ@VIAhardware
  2. Overclockedcafe reviews Abit KT7A-RAID
  3. SocketA reviews Asus A7A266

  1. Cydrotech reviews Leadtek GeForce 2 32MB
  2. Computer Source Magazine's Palm power roundup
  3. PDASquare reviews Card Access Thinmodem Plus (for Visor)
  4. PlanetHardware reviews MS IntelliMouse Explorer
  5. AcidHardware's mouse pad roundup
Case and cooling

  1. The Tech Zone reveals TTZ Quake3 case
  2. FrostyTech reviews Zalman CNPS3100 copper FHS heatsink
  3. PC Review on Macpower Digital Doc 5
  4. Extreme Overclocking reviews CrazyPC's AMD silver epoxy unlocking kit
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