Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer is moody, broody

The Mad World trailer that teased Gears of War ahead of its release is unforgettable. Many trailers have aped the style since, combining artfully shot cinematic sequences with slow, melodic music. Dead Island's announcement trailer proved that Mad World could indeed be outdone, and now Gearbox is taking a kick at the can with a new Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer.

So, that one doesn't give me chills. It does, however, remind me an awful lot of what it felt like to play as the Marine character in the original Aliens vs. Predator game. Never before had a first-person shooter made me feel so fearful and vulnerable while still carrying a weapon. To this day, I can still remember tentatively wandering the game's levels with one eye on my motion sensor and the other scanning the flare-illuminated darkness for signs of movement.

Clint Mansell's Welcome to Lunar Industries provides a haunting acoustic backdrop for the trailer. The song comes from the Moon soundtrack, so it's unclear whether Mansell had a hand in Colonial Marines' in-game music (he's working on Mass Effect 3, according to Wikipedia). The original AvP had a phenomenal score, so I hope the next Aliens game follows suit.

We should find out more about Colonial Marines as the game's fall 2012 launch approaches. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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