Bethesda serves Skyrim 1.4 patch, previews mod kit

After a short public beta that began last week, Skyrim's 1.4 update has now been released into the wild. Bethesda announced the update's mass availability on its blog late yesterday, throwing in the (long) list of bug fixes and "quest fixes" for good measure.

For once, PC gamers are first. Bethesda says it's submitting the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the 1.4 patch to Microsoft and Sony, respectively, this week. Presumably, the update won't hit the consoles until some time after that.

On the PC, Skyrim 1.4 isn't just about bug fixes, either. The update "adds launcher support for the Skyrim Workshop," Bethesda says, referring to the game's upcoming mod kit. The studio is "putting the final touches" on the kit as we speak, and it posted a little preview to help keep everyone patient. There's even a video:

I don't know if it's the epic soundtrack, but that looks pretty cool—especially the Steam Workshop part, which should give even newbies a way to make their work visible. I can't wait to see what modders come up with.

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