Metro: Last Light pushed back to 2013

Bad news: you'll have to wait until 2013 for your next tour of post-apocalyptic Moscow's dark, mutant-infested subway tunnels. Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports that THQ has postponed Metro: Last Light from its original mid-2012 release time frame to early next year.

The stated reason for the delay? A "need for more polish," according to publisher THQ. RPS also quotes developer 4A Games, which provided a less terse statement:

[The release] may be a little later than you were expecting, but trust us – the wait will be worth it! You’ll be hearing a lot more about Metro: Last Light closer to E3, so please be patient. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to.

We first heard about Last Light nearly a year ago to the day. At the time, the big news was that THQ was sinking more money into the game than its predecessor, Metro 2033, in order to guarantee a higher level of polish (a recurring theme, it seems). A preview piece by Joystiq looked encouraging, as did the 12-minute playthrough video that was released in late August.

According to today's story from RPS, though, a delay might be the least of Last Light's problems. The site points out that THQ lost nearly $56 million last quarter and "is under threat of NASDAQ delisting, with its stock currently below $1 a share." 240 of its employees will be getting pink slips over the next year, too. The publisher seems to want to reassure everyone that it'll hold on until its next batch of games are out, but it's clearly not in a good place right now.

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