BlackBerry PlayBook slips back under $200

Amazon's Kindle Fire isn't the only game in town if you're looking for a sub-$200 tablet—at least, not until next weekend. BlackBerry's PlayBook has gone on sale for $199 again, and the discount is scheduled to stick until February 11.

If the 16GB model seems a little limiting, fret not. You can also grab the 32GB PlayBook for $249 and the 64GB model for $299. Oh, and Canadians take note: Liliputing points out that Telus offers the 16GB and 32GB PlayBooks for just $149.99 right now. You can't order online, though; you'll have to find a Telus store.

This is the second time a sale like this has brought the PlayBook under $200. I have to admit I'd be much more excited if the PlayBook wasn't so, er, lacking compared to the competition. The thing has been out since last April, and it's still missing native e-mail, calendar, and contacts applications. Those will only be added as part of the upcoming PlayBook 2.0 update later this month.

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