PUI: Paper User Interface

— 2:26 AM on April 8, 2001

Saw this interesting story up in the Wired archives for this month. It takes a look at a very cool paper-based input technology.

"This is the most advanced digital input screen ever developed," he declares. "It has very high resolution, perfect contrast, and costs a fraction of a cent to produce. Any graphical interface can be printed on it, and you get years of full-time education, paid for by the government, to learn how to use it. It will not be beaten in our lifetime."

He puts the paper in my hands. "And I can give it to you, because I have hundreds more," he offers, gesturing toward a stack of blank paper on his desk. FĂ„hraeus isn't handing me a sketch of the input screen. The paper is the screen.

It's a long read, but goes into some pretty good detail about the technology itself and its impressive potential.
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