Faster quad-, six-core AMD FX chips coming

We've spent a lot of time covering AMD's eight-core FX-series processors, but there's a whole line of FX chips out there, including more affordable quad- and six-core models. According to CPU-World, AMD is about to introduce two new low-cost derivatives;

The most affordable one will be the quad-core FX-4170, which will run at 4.2GHz with a 4.3GHz peak turbo speed. CPU-World found it listed for pre-order over at Bottom Line Telecommunications for $143.77. AMD will also roll out a six-core FX-6200 chip clocked at 3.8GHz with a 4.1GHz turbo peak. The pre-order page for that model quotes a $177.18 asking price.

Looking at AMD's current FX-series lineup gives us a frame of reference for the upcoming chips. It looks like both will be clocked substantially higher than current offerings, but if the pre-order prices are any indication, they'll also be quite a bit more expensive. (The 3.6GHz, quad-core FX-4100 sells for $109.99 at Newegg today.) Of course, it wouldn't be a first if those pre-order prices were a teensy bit inflated.

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