Deal of the week: SSDs, graphics, and displays

If you checked our latest review, then you'll know why we're featuring Samsung's 830 Series solid-state drives in our deal post. Newegg offers 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB 830 Series variants for $109.99, $219.99, and $359.99, respectively. The drives may not be on sale right now (though they do ship with a free copy of Batman: Arkham City), but considering how well the 256GB model did across our test suite, we can't help but include them.

We already looked at a number of Radeon HD 7950 models in our recent availability check, but it's worth pointing out that Sapphire's version of the 7950 is still available at Newegg for $449.99—last we checked, that was the lowest price around. The Sapphire card has stock clock speeds, a custom cooler, and a free copy of DiRT 3 in the box. As icing on the cake, Newegg offers free shipping. The Radeon HD 7950 is blisteringly fast, so I'd say that's a pretty solid deal.

Finally, we've noticed that Asus' 23.6" VE247H display is on sale for $159.99. The list price is $189.99, but you can slice off $30 by entering the promo code "EMCNHNH47" on the checkout page. Oh, and there's a $10 mail-in rebate in the mix, too—so you could get the display down to $149.99 if you don't mind the added hassle for a sawbuck.

Our Canadian friends will be happy to know that NCIX has yet another sale going, this time until February 8. Among the deals are Kingston's V200 solid-state drives: the 128GB model is available for $132.98, and you can snag the 64GB one for only $82.98.

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