Micron CEO's death may have 'significant impact'

The tragic death of Micron CEO Steve Appleton could have a "significant impact" on the memory industry, according to EE Times.The site quotes a report by market research company TrendForce, which says Appleton may have been in talks with Japanese DRAM maker Elpida over a possible collaboration:

Elpida, which last week reported its fifth consecutive quarterly loss and is struggling under a heavy debt burden, was rumored to be in talks with Micron over a possible merger of investment in recent weeks. . . . TrendForce, which issued its report prior to Durcan's appointment, said the uncertainty could have significant impact on the development of the DRAM industry in Taiwan, the U.S. and Japan.

Mark Durcan, Micron's former COO, became CEO on Friday following Appleton's death. A Bloomberg story notes that Durcan was planning to retire in August and agreed to fill in as CEO "temporarily." EE Times says Durcan "put off his retirement plans indefinitely," though.

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