The importance of FireWire

ZDNet has a commentary on the state of FireWire.
FireWire is the next SCSI. Only Intel and a few other companies don't want you to know this.

This state of affairs brings us to Intel. When I enquired earlier this week about whether Intel had any plans to integrate 1394 into its motherboards' chipsets, I got an unequivocal reply:"Intel has no plans to put 1394 on our motherboards." Can't get clearer than that.

Unfortunately, Intel's party line is based on a fallacy, that 1394 is just an A/V technology. This is patently false. But Intel also has a vested interest in seeing 1394 be marginalized into a niche product and having USB 2.0 succeed. This is a flawed strategy for many reasons: USB uses far too much PC processing power and inherently offers no peer-to-peer mode. USB On-the-Go is a clear example of how revenue-centric rather than Do-The-Right-Thing-centric Intel was to pursue an exclusively host-based strategy. And if the market lets Intel get away with it, it will try to do the same with USB 2.0 as well.

There is also a good bit of SCSI bashing in the editorial.
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