AMD loses another top executive

These are volatile times at AMD. The chipmaker has lost yet another top executive: Emilio Ghilardi, former Senior VP and Chief Sales Officer, whose departure is "effective immediately." Until a replacement is found, AMD CEO Rory Read will be taking over his duties.

Ghilardi joined AMD in 2008 after a 25-year tenure at HP. When AMD shook up its operations in May 2009, Ghilardi was chosen to head a new Customer Group "responsible for expanding AMD's customer relationships globally." Today's announcement doesn't explain the reasons for Ghilardi's departure, though it does include the following statement from Read:

Developing relationships with our customers that are grounded in a foundation of trust through consistently delivering on our commitments is critical, and we are making progress toward that goal. AMD enters 2012 with significant momentum, and we are building upon that momentum by embracing the shifts occurring in the industry and marrying market needs with innovative technologies to become a consistent growth engine.

Read also says he wishes Ghilardi well in "his future endeavors."

AMD has lost quite a lot of talent over the past year or so. In January 2011, the company's board fired Dirk Meyer as CEO. In September, Rick Bergman left his post as chief of AMD's Products Group. Then, in November, the company decimated its work force and gutted its PR and marketing teams.

AMD has managed to attract some new blood in the meantime, including Read, who became CEO in August after a five-year tenure at Lenovo, and Mark Papermaster of former IBM and Apple fame, who became Chief Technology Officer in October. It'll be interesting to see how well AMD fares under new management.

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