New Logitech mouse is touch-sensitive

Mice with touch-sensitive surfaces are growing slowly in number, with Apple's Magic Mouse and Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse leading the assault. The latest new recruit hails from Logitech, and it looks more like some sort of sea creature than a mouse:

The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 is a wireless design priced at $69.99. It ships with special software that purportedly makes scrolling "fluid, much like scrolling on your favorite touchscreen smartphone." Users can swipe their fingers both vertically and horizontally across the device, and click areas can be re-assigned to accommodate southpaws. From what I can tell, though, that's it as far as touch controls go—the official product page doesn't mention multi-touch gestures or anything of the sort.

Provided the touch input works well, this could be a decent mouse for folks on the go. Logitech includes its little wireless USB receiver, which you can tuck away inside the battery compartment, and the company touts six months of battery life with two AA batteries. The mouse can run off just one battery, too, if weight is a concern.

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