WSJ: Google to offer Dropbox-like 'Drive' service

Watch out, Dropbox. You're about to get some competition from Google. At least, that's what the Wall Street Journal says, quoting "people familiar with the matter" who claim Google is on the verge of introducing a rival cloud storage service.

The Google service, called Drive, is "expected to launch in the coming weeks or months." It will be free of charge for most users, although the Wall Street Journal says large quantities of online storage will be available for a fee. (That fee, incidentally, is said to be less than what Dropbox currently charges.) Google Drive should behave in much the same way as Dropbox, allowing users to upload large files into the cloud from PCs and mobile devices, and to then share those files with a link.

Sound familiar? It did to me, too, probably because there have been scattered rumors about a Google cloud storage service for years. The Journal notes that Google's Larry Page previously worked on a service called "G Drive" that was supposed to launch in late 2007. We continued to see reports about G Drive, like this story from TG Daily dated January 19, 2009, for a long time after that. (Thanks to Liliputing for the tip.)

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