Reports point to early-March iPad 3 launch

The iPad 3's release is nigh, if the latest round of reports from the rumor mill are to be believed. AllThingsD says it heard from its sources that Apple will stage the device's launch in the first week of March. The launch will, as always, involve a "special event" in San Francisco.

AllThingsD also echoes previous rumors we've heard about the iPad 3—namely that it will have the same form factor as the iPad 2, but with a new processor and a 2048x1536 high-DPI display. Considering how often we've heard those details over the past few months, I'd say they're a given now.

Then again, there were an awful lot of stories about a teardrop-shaped iPhone 5 before Apple rolled out the iPhone 4S. So, who knows?

In a separate story, The Next Web quotes "sources with knowledge of the matter" as saying Apple is in "crunch mode" right now, getting everything prepped and ready for the launch. The company is reportedly trying to figure out which apps it will show off on the device, both on stage and in the TV ads. Apps that take advantage of the faster chip and the Retina display will no doubt be on the menu.

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