VIA chips will hit 1GHz+ by end of year

With a little help from its friend, VIA is taking aim. The Taipei Times has the story on VIA's latest gambit.
"In May or June, we should be able to reach 1 gigahertz just by shifting to an upgraded manufacturing process," said Manuela Mercandelli, spokeswoman for VIA, referring to the company's new C3 and Samuel II line of microprocessors. The company will add a 1.2GHz chip by the end of the year.

According to Mercandelli, VIA could not have done it without the manufacturing prowess of TSMC. The two companies have become a dynamic duo in the effort to quickly bring new technologies to market this year.

And while VIA aims to beat Intel and AMD in the market for low cost microprocessors, with the help of TSMC, the firm could become a contender in even bigger markets this year.

These are interesting times.
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