Skyrim nets two million mod downloads

Barely a week has passed since Bethesda released the Skyrim Creation Kit. This suite of mod tools allows regular folks to craft their own modifications to the game, which can then be shared via the Steam Workshop. Apparently, it's proving rather popular. Shacknews says 2,500 mods have been created already, and those mods have been downloaded over two million times.

So, yeah, people like getting their hands dirty in Skyrim. Or, perhaps more accurately, everyone seems to have a different definition of how the game should play. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has its own story on the subject, and there's a lot of talk about mods that "fix" or "balance" elements of the game. There are also complaints about the Steam Workshop, which isn't giving some folks as much control as they'd like over mod files and the order in which they load.

We're only a week in, though. I'm sure the mod tools will evolve to meet the community's needs, and Bethesda may have a few enhancements of its own to plug in. After finishing development on Skyrim, the team was given one week to "do whatever you want and put it in the game." Their efforts were recently showcased during executive producer Todd Howard's DICE 2012 keynote and, man, that must've been some week. The DICE footage is loaded with neat-looking additions to the game, although consider yourself warned: the arrow-in-the-knee soundtrack is already stuck in my head. It'll be interesting to see how much of that goodness makes its way into official Skyrim updates. I'm sure a lot of those enhancements would be pretty popular if they were released as standalone mods.

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