Rumor: No Ivy Bridge mass shipments until June

At this point, everyone and their dog knows Intel's 22-nm Ivy Bridge processors are due out in April. Intel might not have officially confirmed that timeframe, but the rumor mill has repeated it long enough. According to the latest story on DigiTimes, though, things might not turn out as we expect.

Word from the site's sources at "notebook players" is that, while the launch will indeed go forward in April as expected, shipments will be limited to a "small volume of processors" until June. Why? Because of the slow economy and the resulting excess of Sandy Bridge inventory. DigiTimes claims Intel and notebook makers want to get rid of previous-gen parts before the new ones roll in.

Unfortunately, the report doesn't reveal which chips will be available first and in what quantities. Here's hoping we'll see at least a few desktop Ivy Bridge CPUs—perhaps some with unlocked upper multipliers—in stores in April. If DigiTimes' sources have their facts straight, Ivy Bridge-based ultrabooks and other systems might be scarce until the summer.

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