Move over banner ads...

While advertising is everywhere in the real world, it's also starting to make its way into virtual game worlds according to this story up on Yahoo.
In an August 2000 report, Forrester Research identified product placement as an important new income stream for game publishers, and predicted, perhaps a tad optimistically, that placement revenues will grow to $705 million by 2005. ''Bottom line,'' notes Sean Wargo, a senior analyst with NPD Intelect, ''gamers are a focused and dedicated consumer segment that is ripe for the picking.''
I can actually see this working, to some extent. Not that I want to see textures replaced with ads, but in some environments, real ads would contribute to the atmosphere and realism. With development costs for games rising, this could be a viable way for both publishers and developers to partially fund games that might otherwise be scrapped. Thanks to /. for the tip.
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