Ivy Bridge delay may only affect some mobile chips

Ronald already caught this in the 'bread yesterday, but it bears repeating: the rumored Ivy Bridge delay might only affect dual-core, mobile offerings, not the quad-core desktop variants we're all looking forward to.

Last week, DigiTimes said Intel was planning to postpone mass shipments of Ivy Bridge chips until June. Now, VR-Zone says that report wasn't entirely accurate. Only mobile, dual-core Ivy CPUs have been pushed back, the site says. Socketed desktop processors are still on track for an April debut.

VR-Zone adds that the delay will affect both standard and ultra-low-voltage offerings—and yes, that will apparently include chips intended for ultrabooks. "We won't see any updated Ultrabooks until May or June," the site says. As for Intel's motive, VR-Zone echoes DigiTimes. Word is that there are simply too many Sandy Bridge processors in the channel, and stocks need to dry up before next-gen products can make an appearance.

In the end, Ivy Bridge ultrabooks could launch side by side with competing laptops with AMD silicon inside. At CES last month, AMD gave us a "mid-year" schedule for 17W Trinity APUs aimed at ulta-thin notebooks (which would be called ultrabooks if Intel hadn't trademark the term). In its 17W incarnation, Trinity is supposed to offer the same level of performance as today's 35W, quad-core Llano designs—more than enough brawn for a slim laptop, in other words, although perhaps not quite as much muscle as Ivy Bridge.

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