WildTangent secures more financing

Stomped is reporting that WildTangent has secured another $34 million in financing for its web-based 3D technologies. Here's a quick blurb from the full press release.
Redmond, WA, April 9, 2001: WildTangent announced today they closed out their third round of financing after having raised $34 million. This round was led by Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment and Accenture Technology Ventures with ATI, New York-based Millennium Technology Ventures, Washington Mutual and International Data Group (IDG) Ventures also becoming new investors. Return investors include Madrona Venture Group LLC and Greylock, both participants that increased their stake in the company.

This newest round of financing will allow WildTangent to accelerate its product and technologies development, continuing to reign as the leading, interactive media platform, as well as expand its operational capability. WildTangent closed its first round of funding for $2 million in February 1999 and its second round of $15 million in March 2000, bringing the total monies raised to $51 million.

This certainly bodes well for WildTangent, as they've certainly got the talent to produce some really interesting things. I just killed a good hour of potential cramming time at the WildTangent site sampling the goods, and I'm impressed - this blows Flash away by far. If I didn't have an exam in 5 hours I'd still be messing around there.
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