Ice Cream Sandwich update trickling out to original Transformer tablets

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream... sandwich, that is. In a post on its Facebook page, Asus has announced that Ice Cream Sandwich, otherwise known as Android 4.0, has begun spreading to the original Transformer tablet via an over-the-air update. The update is hitting Taiwan first and is due to arrive in other regions "soon after." Commenters in Hong Kong and Singapore claim to have received the update already. My own Transformer waits patiently.

Well, it's waiting patiently—I'm not. I've already checked for the new firmware manually and scoured Asus' site for a downloadable version. No such luck.

After playing with ICS on the Transformer Prime for more than a month now, I'm eager to see how the new OS fares on the old Transformer. There are still a few teething issues on the Prime, but ICS does feel noticeably smoother. The browser seems quicker, too, although it has a tendency to hang for a few seconds here and there. Asus says it's working on a fix for that particular issue.

I've said this before, but it merits repeating: Asus seems to be doing a good job of supporting its Transformer tablets with timely software updates. The Prime has had ICS since January, and it's received several firmware updates since. The original Transformer is also getting its Android update ahead of a number of other devices. With an unlocked bootloader now available for the Prime, as well, Asus looks like the most enthusiast-friendly tablet maker around.

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