It's official: Ivy Bridge release pushed back

And just like that, Intel has confirmed last week's rumors—well, partially so. Intel China Executive VP Sean Maloney gave the Financial Times the scoop over the weekend, revealing that Ivy Bridge is now due to hit stores "eight to 10 weeks later than initially planned." He cited a tentative June time frame, although judging by his choice of words, things aren't set in stone quite yet:

In his first interview to discuss Intel’s business in China, Mr Maloney told the Financial Times that the start of sales of machines equipped with Ivy Bridge – the 22nm processor set to succeed Sandy Bridge in notebooks this year – had been pushed back from April. “I think maybe it’s June now,” he said.

Now, the rumor mill may have been wrong on one count. While last week's reports pinned the delay on oversupply of current-gen Sandy Bridge processors, Maloney attributes the "adjustment" to "the new manufacturing process needed to make the smaller chips." In other words, Intel's 22-nm process may not be ready for prime time.

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