Deal of the week: Storage bonanza

Despite the relatively high price of mechanical drives, the storage space is still teeming with sweet deals. Most of the discounts are hitting solid-state drives, but Seagate's first-generation Momentus XT 500GB hybrid has dropped to just $100 at Newegg. You'll need to enter coupon code EMCNHHB38 to get the drive down to that price—no rebates to worry about. The Momentus XT isn't the fastest mobile drive on the block, but it's a great option at that price, especially for notebooks that need more capacity than reasonably priced SSDs.

Speaking of SSDs, it seems Intel has finally seen the light with it new 520 Series drives. Prices are way down from what we were quoted at launch, and the 240GB model is particularly appealing at $360. That's for the full retail package, but Newegg also offers bare drives with the same five-year warranty coverage. Those bare drives typically cost $5-20 less than the retail kits, which include mounting hardware for 3.5" bays. (The bare 240GB model's $480 asking price seems to be an error.)

Samsung is also juggling its SSD offerings, and 830 Series SSDs are now available as a standalone drives, minus the mounting hardware and Batman: Arkham City code included with the upgrade kits. The upgrade kits command a $35 premium over the standalone drives, which is reasonable for what you get. If you just need the SSD, though, the 128GB model is a nice deal at only $185 right now.

SSDs also feature prominently in NCIX's Leapin' Sale Event, which has a slightly different mix of deals for Canadian and US customers. Canucks can nab Crucial's m4 128GB SSD for only $160. OCZ's Agility 3 240GB is on sale for $270 before a $20 mail-in rebate, and the company's Petrol 128GB drive can be had for just $120, also before a $20 MIR. The OCZ SSDs are available via NCIX's US site, as well, but the m4 appears to be sold out for American customers.

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