Free-to-play Loadout shooter blends cartoonish action, graphics

Free-to-play games are in vogue right now, and Austin-based developer Edge of Reality is working on one that looks like quite a lot of fun. Say hello to Loadout, a third-person shooter whose cartoonish style matches the over-the-top action.

While the art is reminiscent of Team Fortress 2, Edge of Reality has added quite a bit of gore. In less than a minute, the trailer shows plenty of gibs, dismembered bodies, and even a rolling head. The action is billed as fast-paced, although it's unclear what sort of game modes will be included. Based on the trailer, the game seems to be oriented more toward old-school deathmatches than class- or team-based multiplayer.

Also, there are guns—lots of guns. The trailer teases a crafting system that lets players build their arsenal from component parts. Character customization is on the menu, too, providing Edge of Reality with a couple of ways to coax micropayments out of otherwise freeloading gamers. Although weapon parts, outfits, and other accessories can be earned in the game, it seems likely you'll be able to pay for them, as well.

Loadout is expected to hit Steam this summer, and anyone over the age of 17 can sign up for the beta. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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