Leaked slide dates Ivy Bridge launches

As Ivy Bridge draws near, the rumor mill is slowly honing in on the official release date—or dates. We've seen multiple claims that the chips will debut later than expected, including one from an Intel exec. Now, Turkish site Donanim Haber has published an official-looking slide with specific launch dates for what appear to be desktop versions of Ivy Bridge.

The slide indicates an April 29 launch date for no fewer than 10 "3rd Generation Intel Core" processors: four Core i7s and six Core i5s. That first wave includes flagship K-series models with unlocked upper multipliers. Four 7-series chipsets—the Z77, Z75, H77, and B75 Express—will purportedly be in the mix, as well.

On June 3, just a couple of days before the Computex trade show kicks off in Taiwan, the leaked slide says Intel will launch business-oriented Q77 and Q75 Express chipsets alongside five more Core i5 CPUs. A "holiday" launch is listed for Core i3 and Pentium CPUs based on Ivy Bridge. The slide also suggests that there will be no 7-series replacement for the budget H61 Express chipset, which will remain Intel's value offering until at least the end of the year.

These dates remain unconfirmed, of course, and it's unclear whether there will be any lag time between when the various products are introduced and when they hit store shelves in volume. I'm a little surprised to see the Core i3 and Pentium slated for a holiday release, but I suspect that timeframe refers only to the desktop chips. Intel would probably prefer to roll out its dual-core parts first in notebooks before bringing them to the desktop.

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