Napster spanked, again

Napster's not doing what it's told, again, according to Wired. Not exactly news, however, this could be the final strike against them.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Characterizing Napster's filtering efforts as "disgraceful," Judge Marilyn Hall Patel issued a stern warning to the file-trading company: Get compliant with the court-ordered injunction or face the music.

"If you can't, maybe the system needs to be shut down," she said.


"I think this is disgraceful," Patel said when shown a list of 6,000 songs that should have been blocked by the music publishers. Over 5,000 of the songs still appeared on Napster Tuesday morning. "If there is that many songs on the system, then Napster needs to find a way to remove them.

They need Johnny Cochrane working the prosecution side of this case: if they can't filter songs faster, you must shut down Napster.
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