Thermaltake shows off Level 10 M gaming mouse

Thermaltake's upcoming Level 10 M mouse was designed in conjunction with BMW, so it's no surprise that more details about the mouse have been released at the CeBIT trade show in Germany. The mouse is built on an aluminum base and offers a floating palm rest with 5 mm of height adjustment and 5° of tilt to either side. According to Thermaltake, the floating base and built-in ventilation holes should do a good job of cooling your sweaty palms. The holes also highlight the mouse's LED-powered glow, which can be toggled between a rainbow of different colors.

The overall design is a little reminiscent of Cyborg's Rat 7 mouse, but the Level 10 M isn't quite as adjustable. It does boast a higher-resolution sensor capable of tracking at up to 8,200 DPI, though. The DPI level is adjustable on the fly, of course, and the mouse is loaded with 11 programmable buttons that can be configured using the included software. Up to five profiles can be stored on the rodent's 128KB of internal memory, which makes me think it can get by without software once everything is set up.

Although the Level 10 M is obviously designed for gamers, the extra features have appeal for normal desktop use. It's certainly nice to be able to quickly increase the DPI for desktop navigation and lower it for photo editing and other tasks that demand high precision. Having the option to fine-tune the shape to perfectly fit your hand can make long mousing sessions more comfortable, too.

Thermaltake says the Level 10 M is coming soon in three colors: black, white, and military green. We don't yet know how much the mouse will cost, but we may have to take a closer look when it becomes available.

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