Mechanized George Washington terrorizes BioShock Infinite

True originality is far too lacking in games today. I've lost count of the number of times I've fought my way through World War II, familiar real-world environments, and eerily similar post-apocalyptic futures. Fortunately, it looks like Irrational Games' upcoming BioShock Infinite will be set in a very different world, complete with a minigun-wielding animatronic George Washington. No, seriously:

This so-called Motorized Patriot will be one of a series of "heavy hitters" featured in the game. The mechanics of the encounter shown in the video look like pretty standard fare for a first-person shooter. However, the pseudo-steampunk setting and characters are definitely unique, leaving me rather curious about the other heavy hitters lurking in Infinite's cloud city. Could Abe Lincoln be waiting with an axe through that next door? No, wait, that's been done.

Although I wasn't floored by the gameplay of the earlier BioShock games, I spent hours playing them just to soak up the ambiance. BioShock Infinite appears to be infused with even more imagination, making me rather eager for the game's October release.

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