Saturday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Leaked: Police plan to raid The Pirate Bay - TorrentFreak
  2. Gartner says PC shipments will grow 4.4% in 2012
  3. X-bit labs: Intel to integrate PCI Express 3.0 support in Thunderbolt
  4. H Online: Raspberry Pi delayed by manufacturing mix-up
  5. Ars Technica reports IE 9, on most secure Windows
    yet, next browser to fall at hacker contest
  6. AnandTech: In-depth with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview
  7. Trends of 12: The end begins for video game consoles - X-bit labs
  8. Diablo III PvP update


  1. Lenovo recalls ThinkCentre desktop computers due to fire hazard
  2. PC Perspective podcast #192
  3. Newegg's Weekend Express

  1. The H Security: Apple closes security holes with iOS 5.1 and iTunes update
  2. Ars Technica: Android fragmentation also a challenge for web developers
  3. Techworld: Microsoft to shut down app store for old phone platform
Software and gaming

  1. Softpedia reports Avast identifies subscription traps as malicious
  2. Ars Technica: Mozilla begins adapting Firefox for Windows 8 Metro environment
    and Apple: to get the axe on July 31 so back up your documents
  3. Wired reports researcher seek help in solving DuQu mystery language
  4. Bloomberg: Activision wins dismissal of one of two former executives' fraud claims
  5. GameTrailers have MechWarrior Online video trailer
  6. GamesBeat: EA reveals new Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars online numbers
  7. TweakTown reviews Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360)

  1. Legit Reviews on MSI Big Bang XPower II
  2. The SSD Review on OWC Mercury Elite-AL
    dual mini RAID data storage / backup
  3. HardwareLook reviews CM Storm Sirus 5.1 headset
  4. Tbreak's hp TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 review
  5. PC Perspective reviews Seasonic SS-350M1U PSU
  6. HardwareOC reviews CM Storm Trooper case (in German)
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