Epic Citadel now available in a web browser near you

We've known it was coming since last October, but witnessing it first-hand is something else. I'm talking, of course, about the Flash version of Epic Games' Epic Citadel tech demo, which has finally become public.

You'll need the Flash Player 11.2 Release Candidate to run this thing. I gave it a shot in Firefox myself, since using a pre-release build of Flash is a little awkward in Chrome. (You've got to go into the options, open up "Content settings," and then disable the integrated Flash Player under "Disable individual plug-ins.") The result was pretty impressive:

This is the same Unreal Engine 3-powered demo that premiered on iOS a year and a half ago, only this time, it's running smooth as silk inside a web browser. You can click and drag your way through the world or use WASD to move and click-and-hold to look around. If you can't be bothered with that, there's a guided tour, too.

So, when can I get my browser-based helping of Infinity Blade?

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