More rumors surface about 7.85'' iPad

Ready for the iPad rumor of the day? No, this one isn't about the iPad 3—er, "the new iPad." Rather, DigiTimes has gotten fresh news from its supply-chain sources about Apple's rumored 7.85" tablet.

This time, the Taiwanese site claims the fun-sized iPad will frame a non-Retina IPS or FFS display with a "slim bezel." That sounds quite similar to what Amazon did with the Kindle Fire, which has a 1024x600 IPS panel and a relatively modest bezel. The Kindle Fire's display size is only 7", though, and the Apple device is rumored to be more expensive—$249-299, according to DigiTimes. (The Kindle Fire costs $199.)

I, for one, hope the rumor isn't true. Small bezels might be all well and good on laptops, but tablets really shouldn't follow along the same path. Having a thick strip of non-touch-sensitive material around the display is a good thing. There's nothing worse than not being able to get a good, secure grip on a device that's designed to be held.

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