Chrome, too, is coming to Metro

Yesterday, we told you all about the upcoming version of Firefox for Windows 8's Metro environment. Well, we told you as much as Mozilla's Brian Bondy revealed, which isn't a whole lot—the browser is barely a week into development.

Mashable now brings word that Google, too, has a Metro-ified version of its web browser in the works. The site quotes this statement from a Google spokesman:

“Our goal is to be able to offer our users a speedy, simple, secure Chrome experience across all platforms, which includes both the desktop and Metro versions of Windows 8,” the rep said. “To that end we’re in the process of building a Metro version of Chrome along with improving desktop Chrome in Windows 8 such as adding enhanced touch support.”

It'll be interesting to see who adapts quicker—Mozilla or Google—and whether either firm's browser proves to be a compelling alternative to Internet Explorer in Metro.

Google has quite a bit more experience building touch-friendly software than Mozilla, so if I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Chrome making its Metro debut before Firefox and being better-behaved. Heck, there's already a version of Chrome for Android 4.0 phones and tablets. Metro and Android do have different user-interface philosophies, of course, but I'd say there's already some groundwork laid.

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